Care for your Pieces
We believe that all clothing should be treated with the care it deserves and we celebrate and respect all of the talented individuals who together make our clothes possible 
Green Dry Clean
We recommend Green Dry Clean as the best way to look after your garments and extend their life. Thankfully more and more places offer Green Dry Clean options and we would encourage you to speak to your local dry cleaners 
Green Dry Cleaning is a controlled wet clean process without the use of harmful chemicals that are traditionally used in dry cleaning. The products used in the Green Dry Clean method are biodegradable and more environmentally friendly. In Amsterdam, the Netherlands our local green dry cleaner is based in the east part of the city. "Stomerij SuperNette" is a family run business that believes in a cleaner more environmentally positive process of cleaning garments.
Hand Wash Cold
For some pieces we advise hand washing these in cold water using natural-ingredient based detergents then lying your garments out flat to dry. Please avoid wringing out excess water as this may cause unnecessary creasing 
Remember today, now
in this present moment
to take good care of me
To treat me like a member
of your own family
With fullness of love
kindness and joy
In doing so, know that I
came from the fields
Where my seeds were
planted to grow
Into a precious piece of clothing
in front of your eyes
So that you can remember by wearing me
you are celebrating,
respecting nature and her community