All of our production is made locally in the Netherlands by experienced tailors. One of our partners is Atelier Made Here based in the North of Amsterdam, a tailor's co-operative of equal members who come from parts of the world with a strong heritage in garment making. We believe in a transparent equal way of working and support all of our tailors being paid a fair living wage. The atelier was established to guarantee fair working conditions and pensions for those employed by the cooperative. All of our production is Made-to-Order within 4-6 weeks
We deeply believe that one way to tackle some of the waste problem that the fashion industry creates is to move to a made-to-order model of producing clothing. This requires more patience and planning since it doesn’t conform to the buy now wear now custom of owning clothes immediately, because for us it is important to find a different way to consume.

Everyone loves beautiful timeless fashion however we believe it can be made more mindfully and with love and care in this slow fashion way. We only produce our  orders as they happen, and we don’t hold any stock of the products, offering an alternative fashion shopping experience by eliminating any stock and waste products 



Responsible Design


We design our pieces with consideration for all components that make up a complete garment. This consideration extends itself to the lifecycle of the product and the future potential for recycling and upcycling of our clothing. With this in mind we choose not to use any zips, elastics or fastenings that are plastic derived and these take a lengthly manual process to remove from end of use garments. All of our fabrics are recyclable because they are selected for their single fibre origin. Our buttons are the only trim details on our products and can easily be removed. They are made from the plant Corozo. Our care labels and brand labels can also be recycled. We choose not to use any fusible interlining since this can not currently be recycled and it contains plastic. We use a 'floating' interlining much like in traditional tailoring and this is locally woven cotton. Where possible we use an un-dyed option that is natural, untreated in finish. The interlining can then be easily removed ahead of recycling or up cycling of our pieces





All of our clothing is made using the time honoured technique involved in tailoring along with creating pieces that feature intricate stitch work and fine details. Our pieces are constructed to be long-lasting by highly skilled craftspersons and are made-to-order locally. Therefore there is no overproduction of unsold garments and ultimately this prevents any unnecessary requirement for landfill of unsold stock


Slow Fashion 


We only produce Timeless pieces, this ultimately means we only produce one collection per year and some of the styles will remain in the collection for the foreseeable future, perhaps being made in different fabrics over the course of the lifetime of the style




Our Timeless pieces are unique pieces designed not to fit the trends but to stand alone almost as collectors pieces, they are seasonless and produced in a timeless colour palette