Inspired by nature in all of the rawness and beauty, our clothing is hand-made locally with a sensitivity towards our planet and human beings. 

We believe in challenging the current fashion system by making beautiful clothing made to last that honours the environment alongside the craftsmanship. Our collection is made socially and ethically using natural fibre and overproduction fabrics, all our pieces are made to order. We are born from a compassionate view towards our planet and people.

At our heart we build community together by supporting our makers and ateliers and by working in a transparent way. 

With everyday silhouettes and luxurious natural fabrics we bring life to the wearer layering and tailoring shapes on the body.  Everything we create is designed with a unique feeling in mind. We create these feelings by connecting the wearer to nature through the designs. 

This debut collection is beautifully made from nature with intricate details, creating effortless tailored styles and playful yet easy sculpted silhouettes in a timeless colour palette, using exclusively ethical fabrics and processes. 

A question we are always asking ourselves is how can we leave this planet in a better state than it is currently. 

The answer is by always putting the environment and people at the forefront of the brand and working with a responsible, considered approach throughout the entire process of designing, sourcing and manufacturing. 

Arriving at the first collection Alexandra has built a local community around the brand and works collaboratively across garment, label, packaging producers, and weavers in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Europe.