Our product is hand crafted from natural fibre materials that better maintain the balance between design and consideration for the planet
We feel it is important to connect to the producers of our fabrics and for our panama linen we were able to be a part of the weaving and finishing process at the mill in the Netherlands. Working with a local weaving mill for some of our linen fabrics helps to support local community and to keep the tradition of weaving a part of our community
Within our collection we often refer to raw and natural fabrics. Raw and Natural state means they have not been treated with any harmful dyes and are not chlorine bleached. These types of fabrics often have a natural subtle speckled texture on the surface of the cloth. You will also find in our collection, fabrics that are dyed using certified eco friendly based dye processes
We believe in skin friendly fabrics since our clothing directly touches our skin 
In addition we also choose to work with excess overproduction from Italian fabric mills. All of our overproduction is selected for the natural fibre content. Overproduction refers to fabric that ends up as leftover so we find a way to utilise these qualities rather than see these fabrics go to waste and landfill sites or are incinerated. Again beautiful subtle imperfections may appear on the surface of the fabric