We believe all of our packaging should follow the same level of environmental care and consideration that is given to the life cycle of our garments. All of our packaging is FSC recycled
Outer Transit Bag 
We chose to use Re-Pack an innovative packaging supplier based in Europe. They make reusable bags which are ideally suited to the fashion industry and protect our garments while on the way from us to you
The Re-Pack bags are kept in use for a minimum of 20 transits. This avoids single use packaging and when a bag reaches the end of use it will be up-cycled
As our consumer we ask you to commit to our same environmental values, by folding up your empty Re-Pack bag and returning it in your local post box. The instructions for return are simple and clearly printed on your bag. This packaging will automatically be returned to Re-Pack for a quality check, then it will continue its life cycle. Please make sure you recycle yours ♽
Inner Paper Bag
Our inner Kraft paper bags that protect your garments are made in Europe and consist of FSC recycled natural pulped paper that is custom printed for us using non-harmful vegetable ink
Brand Cards
Our Alexandra Barker branded cards are FSC certified made from 100% recycled natural pulp
Brand Hangtag
Our Alexandra Barker branded hangtag is made from FSC recycled card and embossed locally in the Netherlands in a factory powered by wind
Care Label
Our care labels are made locally in the Netherlands and they are woven using Organic Certified GOTS Cotton