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Brosk | Tailor

From North Aleppo | Syria 

Brosk grew up in North Aleppo, Syria in the countryside with his family until at a young age he followed in the footsteps of his older brother. Brosk has 5 brothers and 3 work in the garment industry. At 14 years old he moved to Aleppo city centre to find work making clothes. When he was 16 years old he travelled to Lebanon to find work with different fashion companies. Brosk recounts how he was a bit shorter when he was younger and finding work as a tailor was difficult because of this and fashion brands not believing his age. However he proved this to the brands by showing them his skills as a tailor and spent 13yrs working in Lebanon in the fashion industry making clothes. Brosk says that customer demands are the hardest part of the job and he is passionate to produce good work focusing on details. He feels that the most important end result is a happy customer